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Indoor Optic Fiber Cable

The optic fiber cable structure is compact and has excellent high temperature performance. It offers superior tensile strength, fiber reinforcements with excellent bending properties, and low smoke zero halogen sheath material with excellent flame retardance. It is for users to access network use.

Technical Parameters of Indoor Optic Fiber Cable
1~12 cores, kevlar strength member, PVC sheath, SM: 9/125um, MM1: 50/125um, MM2: 62.5/125um

ISO/IEC 11801: 2002 2nd Edition
LSOH: IEC 60332-3, IEC 60754-2, IEC 60134
Communications Type OFNP (UL) and CSA FT6 c(UL)
Communications Type OFNR (UL) and CSA FT4 c(UL)

The indoor optic fiber cable is used for:
Telecommunication Networks
Gigabit Ethernet
Local Area Network

Wooden reel packing 1000m/reel

Lansan is a professional indoor optic fiber cable manufacturer based in China. We also provide coaxial cable, LAN network cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, and more.

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