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V3.0 USB Cable

Technical Parameters of V3.0 USB Cable
Transmission Speeds: 5 Gbit/s
Length: 3 meters (maximum)
Width: 8.45 mm (B-plug)
Height: 7.78 mm (B-plug)
Cable: 8 wires
Pins: 8 (1 supply, 2 data, 1 ground) (plus additional 4 for SuperSpeed technology)
Connector: Unique
Signal: 5 volt DC
Max. Voltage: 5V
Max. Current: 500-900 mA @ 5V

UL 444
UL13, UL1581 & USB specification
IEC 60754-2

The V3.0 USB cable is used for plug and play technology, single connector for all devices that previously used serial, keyboard, mouse and game ports, and is a standard feature in new PC chipsets.

Blister, polybag or color box are available
Individual bag for products
Several bag packs with a master carton box
Quantity depends on bag specification

Lansan is a China-based V3.0 USB cable manufacturer. We provide CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6a cable, coaxial cable, patch cord, optical fiber cable, patch panel, and HDMI cable.

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