RG58 Coaxial Cable

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RG58 Coaxial Cable

Technical Parameters of RG58 Coaxial Cable
Conductor: 20AWG, stranded bare copper center conductor
Dielectric: Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric
Inner shield: Aluminum-polypropylene-aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to dielectric
Outer shield: Tinned copper braid
Jacket: PVC
Nominal Impendence: 50ohm

SCTE IPS-SP-001, ISO/IEC 8802, UL1655, UL13, UL444, UL1424, UL1581

RG58 coaxial cable is used for radio communication and amateur radio, thin Ethernet (10BASE2) and NIM electronics.

1. Packing lengths: 100m/roll, 200m/roll, 305m/roll, 100yard/roll, 200yard/roll, 300yard/roll. Other lengths available according to client's request.
2. Inner packing: Wooden reel, plastic reel, and paper reel available.
3. Outer packing: Cardboard box, pallet customers' request available.
4. Other packing available according to client's request.

Coaxial cable is an electrical cable consisting of a center conductor wire, coated by PE or foamed PE insulation, surrounded by cylindrical conducting sheath, usually surrounded by a final insulating layer. It is used as a high-frequency transmission line to carry a high-frequency or broadband signal. As to Lansan, we supply the most common coaxial cable in use, including RG8, RG58 of 50ohm impedance, and RG6, RG11, RG59 of 75ohm impedance.

RG58 Coaxial Cable
Functions & Applications
RG58, 50 ohm coaxes are used in radio transmission and computer networks, RG-58 being a smaller cable than RG8.

RG-58 Coaxial Cable

Product Type Conductor Dielectric Braid Shield No./No.mm Jacket Nom.Dia mm Nom.Imp. (ohm)
No./mm Material Material Nom.Dia
RG58A/U 7/0.16 BC Solid PE 1.52 16/4/0.1 2.80 50
RG58A/U-A 19/0.18 TC Foam PE 2.00 16/4/0.12 3.50 50
RG58A/U-B 19/0.18 TC Solid PE 2.95 16/7/0.12 4.90 50
RG58A/U-C 7/0.254 TC Solid PE 2.95 16/6/0.12 4.90 50

Lansan is a RG58 coaxial cable manufacturer based in China. We also produce patch cord, LAN network cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, and others.

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